Ever experienced a scalp massage? Then you know how relaxed and de-stressed you feel after it. As well as those benefits there has been significant evidence that proves that daily scalp massages completely eliminate dandruff and reduces hair loss.

However, is this just a scientific myth? Or is there solid truth and evidence behind these claims. Our aim in this section is to show you the answer to that question.

What actually is a scalp massage and can it really help with dandruff and hair growth?

A scalp massage is a technique that uses gentle pressure in a circular motion to the head to stimulate nerve endings, muscles and blood vessels. This enjoyable sensation creates a feeling of well-being and relaxation. Typical scalp massage uses the fingertips, however there as always been many drawbacks of using your fingertips. As you can't really get into the depth of the scalp to ensure thorough stimulation. Which is why we made sure there is the option of using a scalp massage device like MrScalpy Brush.

Back in 2016 a small study was conducted, to which researchers concluded that regular scalp massages is proven to lead to much thicker hair as well as eliminate dandruff. The study involved 9 men in total, who each day were tasked with having a 4-minute scalp massage for 24 straight weeks. What happened at the end you ask? Well it was found that all of the 9 mens hair was significantly thicker than at the start and each one of the participants who had experienced dandruff before the experiment reported after that they were dandruff free.

Further research from 2019 supports these findings. 340 participants partook in this study and it was based on survey responses from all the participants who had to follow specific instructions by doing 2 scalp massages every day to see if by the end of the period of time it reduced hair loss.

According to the findings, exactly 69 percent of participants reported that their alopecia had significantly improved.

The advantages of a scalp massager is that it focuses on hair follicles. Each hair on your head begins life with a follicle on your scalp, situated just below your skin on your scalp.

Scalp massagers directly addresses dandruff by massaging and unblocking your pores and the buildup of dirt and dry skin. Leaving your hair healthier and dandruff free.

We are still continuing to do further research to further refine, but after thousands and thousands of delighted customers who have all reported they are dandruff free and have see a significant reduce in hair loss. We are more than confident to say we are helping solve a huge insecurity many people have. As well, we hope we made the answer clear to our initial question that scalp massagers do eliminate dandruff and reduce hair loss.