MrScalpy™ - Brush For Healthy Hair
MrScalpy™ - Brush For Healthy Hair
MrScalpy™ - Brush For Healthy Hair
MrScalpy™ - Brush For Healthy Hair
MrScalpy™ - Brush For Healthy Hair
MrScalpy™ - Brush For Healthy Hair
MrScalpy™ - Brush For Healthy Hair

MrScalpy™ - Brush For Healthy Hair

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Guaranteed to eliminate your dandruff or your money back!

We understand how annoying and embarrassing it can be when dandruff just keeps reappearing. Well our MrScalpy™ Brush is proven and guaranteed to get rid of your dandruff within 3 weeks max.

"I honestly can't recommend this enough if you suffer from dandruff just like I did. With just 2 weeks of daily usage in the shower massaging my scalp my dandruff has completely disappeared for good! I can't explain how much more self confidence I have now" - Hailey W 

See improvements after just 1 wash!

The revolutionary MrScalpy™ is the best natural solution to eliminate all your dandruff issues. The medical quality silicone bristles effectively remove the build up of bacteria, fungus and dead skin which is what leads to dandruff. On top of that it's also designed to lift and mix the natural oils within your hair ensuring a healthy and fully nourished scalp.

Eliminate Dandruff permanently

To successfully cure dandruff, we simply have to address the root of the problem. As well as dandruff, you may have also experienced an extremely frustrating itch caused by oil buildup, dirt and dry skin blocking the pores of your scalp. Which left untreated can lead your dandruff to severely worsen and in some cases cause hair loss. MrScalpy directly addresses those issues by massaging and unblocking your pores and the buildup of dirt and dry skin. Leaving your hair healthier and dandruff free.

Reduces Thinning & Promotes Hair Growth For Thicker, More Full Hair

The MrScalpy™ Brush Not only solves dandruff, it also stimulates the blood vessels under your scalp, enhancing the faster circulation of nutrients and oxygen into the follicles. Which further leads to significantly healthier and thicker hair growth and decreased thinning.

Soft Medical-Grade Bristles For Total Relaxation

The anti-tangle bristles, unlike your fingertips, are able to get deep down to clean your hair roots, dislodge any dirt and simultaneously give you a spa level massage. MrScalpy will leave your hair and scalp cleaner and healthier than ever before. Works well for ladies not wanting to ruin their gorgeous nails.

Incredible Benefits Of Using MrScalpy™

  • Eliminates Dandruff
  • Reduces thinning
  • Boosts hair growth
  • Removes dead skin cells and oil buildup on the scalp
  • Enhances blood flow to your scalp
  • Anti-Tangle Technology
  • Relieves Dry/Itchy Scalp
  • Amazing spa worthy scalp massage
  • Suitable For All Hair Types, including extensions, weaves, etc.

How do you use it?

  1. Simply apply shampoo to your entire scalp
  2. Hold the brush using the handle in your palm and slowly massage the shampoo around your entire scalp in an up and down motion
  3. Use as much pressure as you like or what feels the most comfortable
  4. Repeat daily for maximum results